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Advisor for Financial Solutions

Founded in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the Ministry of Industry and Trade - Companies Control Department, for the purpose of electronic archiving on the internet, as well as the processing and preparation of public databases.

Risk Manage:

Whether you are a CEO or CFO, G.M, accountant or risk manager, your focus is on finances.


The best way to minimize your risks

Find out the truth.

Protection against financial damages requires a reliable and complete business report about your *Business Partners.

To this end, we gather comprehensive financial and judicial information about person and companies.

This gives you much more information at a glance than you would receive from official financial enforcement reports.

*Business Partner category’s:

Employees, Suppliers, Sales, Finance, Credits and Debts, Partnerships,

Sub-Contractors, Credit Guarantee, Building Projects, Rental Real Estate and Equipment Leasing.

Data sources

All from the widest range of Arabic sources – from private and public authorities to the media such as regional Official Gazette, and daily newspaper.

Additional data sources

*Recipients of loans by institutions or donors.

*Shareholders who have not received their dividends from banks or companies.

United Arab Emirates

Our Services

Search for a person or company

Type the name to find out with just a few clicks everything there is to know about what is happening at the moment with individuals, companies that interest you.

Unlimited access to our database with over 3 million useful entries.

We update our database daily.

Alert service

Find out when changes take place with your business partners and might be adversely affect their obligation that they have.

Our system services setting enable you to start monitoring immediately and automatically any changes for all of your *Business Partners category*

Always up to date.


Apply the form and we will provide you with the user name and password for the 3 working days free trial duration.

Note: The Free Trial period is subject for approval by the Company's Management.

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